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Due to its Flexible and scalable architecture, BizView CRM also enables easy integration with other business applications and on-demand services, making it more relevant to your business and delivering better business management.

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What is BizView CRM ?

With BizView CRM, you can provide proactive customer service by easily rolling out the customer self service portal. From this portal customer can request services, keep track of their request and cases and get up-to date information about their interaction with your company. Apart from this, BizView CRM provides the information related customer’s service contracts, knowledge base, case logging etc. so that your customer support staff can quickly respond to questions or concerns raised by your customers.

  • BizView CRM allows you to identify your target customers, optimize sales management, streamline information exchange between different departments, improve company relationships with your customers through personalization, identify customer needs and provide excellent customer service.
  • BizView CRM provides a distinctive advantage by delivering a comprehensive, easy-to-use and intuitive system to successfully manage these relationships.
  • BizView CRM allows you to sell on time with real time access to every deal in the pipeline. Track early indicators and changes affecting your pipeline so you can stay ahead of your forecast, spend time where it counts, and meet your sales targets.
  • BizView CRM provides reports and dashboards so users have all the information they need at their fingertips. Additionally, through our powerful workflow engine you can automate and streamline your business process to generate alerts, route lead to team, and assign case to customer service department, assign opportunities and monitor activity on each and every customer accounts.
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Why BizView CRM is right fit for your business ?

With a choice of deployment option (in-house or hosted), BizView CRM has a solution that can meet the distinct necessities of your business and fast-track your business growth.

  • Center your organization to customers to ensure your sales, marketing and services are being used effectively.
  • Gain end to end visibility to pin-point underlying issues and take appropriate actions.
  • Maximises customer communications and interactions through marketing campaign and social media integration.
  • Empowers your staff to provide exceptional service to your customers.
  • Better reporting allows the sales, marketing and customer service teams to work together and introduce improvements.
  • Decrease cost of customer acquisition by getting all the necessary information, enables companies to correctly identify their target audience and to focus all of the marketing efforts on that particular group of people.
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Product Highlights

Generic Features for all Users such as Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals, Customer Service Professionals and IT Professionals.

  • Easy to use with new look and feel.
  • Informative dashboard for quick overview of important information.
  • In-built user tutorials and user guides.
  • Relationship management graphs.
  • Custom report builder to create reports on fly.
  • Real-time synchronisation between BizView CRM and MS Exchange seamless calendar management
  • Dynamic linking of multiple information sources on a single dashboard screen.
  • Centralised Contact and lead management.
  • Full calendar response management.
  • Fully customisable workflow to automate your business processes.
  • Web based system allows you to access information anytime and from anywhere.
  • Can be integrated with your Outlook or Exchange.
  • Ability to deploy on multiple platforms (Mobile, Web or Kiosk).
  • Web based system allows you to access information anytime and from anywhere.
  • Self-Service

Other Key Features BizView CRM includes


Opportunity Management

BizView CRM provides right tools to manage and track opportunities throughout sales cycle. BizView CRM reduces redundant data entry and significantly speeds the sales cycle by providing key data at your fingertips—such lists of contacts, records of previous meetings, and categories of products and services that are ideal for a given customer—enabling them to improve their win rate.


Customer Management

BizView CRM provides better view of your customers’ information at any given point of time and gives full visibility into additional important information such as task, activities, sales history, support cases etc. Apart from this, you also get detailed information on each contact and customer interaction. All these information enables your sales staff to be pro-active in selling to your customer needs.


Sales Tracking

BizView CRM allows you to keep check on not only hot prospect but the prospects that are inactive. With BizView CRM you can know what is happening to those prospects, accounts, contacts and potentials that are important to your business. By providing an overview of the position in a sales process it help your sales staff to plan their daily work and for management’s long-term strategic planning.


Contact and Activity Management

Effectively manage customer interactions. Get complete information for communicating with customers (name, role, telephone number, etc.) Complete contact history tracks details such as correspondence and discussions with customers.


Reporting and Analytics

BizView CRM offers fully customizable reports in all the modules (Sales, Marketing, Support and Inventory) with more flexible options, such as cross-linking modules, arithmetic operations, etc. to provide important information at your fingertips. Intuitive Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using dashboards you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales related data.


Email and Campaign Management

Create and track highly targeted marketing campaigns based on customer profile, preference and history. Categorize and assess the number of touch points needed to move a lead through your sales process. With one click, you can even post your marketing campaign to social media such as Facebook.


Website Integration

With BizView CRM we help you to integrate your website inquiry form so that you get the user information directly into BizView CRM. Validate and approve the lead, and have sales staff automatically assigned to start the follow-up process.


Marketing Performance Analysis

Track campaign performance using multiple parameters, such as Mailing List, Key Accounts, and Accounts by Industry etc., to yield instant insight. Get insight on social marketing and see how many people are interested in your products or services.


Case Management

With BizView CRM, accelerate resolutions by assigning, managing, and routing customer support cases across multiple communications channels, including phone, web etc. Also, it allows you to keep track of each and every case at your fingertips.


Knowledge base

Track campaign performance using multiple parameters, such as Mailing List, Key Accounts, and Accounts by Industry etc., to yield instant insight. Get insight on social marketing and see how many people are interested in your products or services.


Easy Administration

Cut costs and provide reliable information by eliminating redundant data entry. One corporate memory used throughout the entire application eliminates re-keying of data and gives up-to-date information that elevates productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of your customers.


Call logging

We help you integrate BizView CRM to integrate with your phone system so that you get a fully-functional call centre right within your browser. It also allows you to segment and route calls to the most appropriate agent. You can track and audit the entire gamut of voice process by recording conversations.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Deliver a high-quality, personalized experience to your customers while reducing the cost of customer care with a robust knowledge base in a customer portal. Accelerate case resolution time by providing support reps with complete customer visibility with appropriate case assignments.


Make better and informed decision

Reports and Dashboard provides a real-time view to tell how well your company is doing in meeting its strategic goals. You can easily envisage comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing and marketing.