Secure your Premises and create Good First Impression on your Visitors

EasyVisitorPass is an Enterprise Visitor management System that revolutionize the way you secure the premises and manage the incoming and outgoing visitors whether they are planned or not. It provides you total control in verifying, screening, and badging visitors— whether for a single lobby or multiple entry points.


Intuitive and Fast Visitor Registration

The EasyVisitorPass is designed to facilitate the organization in doing away with the manual process of filling up of visitor passes.

  • Easily Capture various visitor demographics along with photo and purpose of visit.
  • Ability to capture other informations such as Vehicle, Details of item carrying etc.
  • Data entry is fast and simple because it automatically picks up information about a visitor from the database on subsequent visits eliminating re-entry.
Visitor Management

Quick Generation of Visitor Badge

Quickly Generate a professional looking visitor badge for your visitors for secure entry and exit. Printed Visitor Badge can further help identifying the visitors and further strengthen the security.

  • Print Professional Looking Visitor Badge on paper, adhesive sticker or on Card
  • Choose from different layout of Badge to suit your needs
  • Ability to print Visitor Information, Photo, Visiting Purpose, Check In time, etc on Visitor Badge.
EasyVisitorPass Badge

Dashboard And Reports

Gain Better insights on your visitor movement and identify visitor patterns by using our dashboard and in-built reports

  • Comprehensive IN/OUT Dashboard to quickly check on visitor's movement including overstaying of the visitors in premises
  • In-built Reports further allows you to get comprehensive data on visitors, appointments, most frequent visitors etc.
  • Further Reports can be easily built based on customers requirements
EasyVisitorPass Reports

Notifications and Alerts

Since security of your premises is of utmost importance, it is important to get quick and timely alerts and security warnings. Our Notification and alerts feature sends alerts and notification to take actions quickly during security lapse.

  • Notify Host upon visitors arrival.
  • Configurable security alerts based on duration of Visit.
  • Get Notified Via SMS, Email or Network Ping
EasyVisitorPass Alerts and Notification


Our Pre-registration screen allows your staff or Visitors to schedule their visit in advance. This reduces the waiting period and eliminates even the small amount of time taken during registration.

  • A Web Based access to schedule the visits in advance.
  • Automatic Notification to host and reception upon visit schedule
  • Just generate the visitor pass upon visitor arrival without having to re-enter all the information
EasyVisitorPass Pre-Registration

Integration Options

EasyVisitorPass is robust and scalable solution that can be easily integrated with the third party application to provide more secured environment.

  • Bar code integration for quick Visitor sign in and Sign out.
  • Can be Easily integrated with your Access Control system
  • Business Card Reader Integration to further automate the registration process
  • Emirates Card
EasyVisitorPass Integration

Accessbility and Availability

With EasyVisitorPass you have various options from where you can access the system. It all depends on which platform you want to use it.

  • Cloud Based
  • Kiosk Based
  • In-House (Web Based)
  • Client / Server (Windows Based)
  • Mobile Devices
EasyVisitorPass Koisk Cloud Windows Web