Smart and quick way to automate your meetings, conference rooms and Resources

Eliminate paperwork, lost bookings or conflict bookings. With EasyMeetings all your meeting room bookings, hospitality, resources and visitors are handled in one application, making it easier for everyone.

EasyMeetings is a web-based and intuitive meeting room scheduling and booking solution to streamline entire meeting reservation process.

Acyuta Technologies

Easy to Use Meeting Room Booking

EasyMeeting simplifies meeting and room scheduling while providing the functionality you need for your unique organization.Cut the administrative burden with customizable and direct access of scheduling for your manager and staff anytime and from anywhere. Helps you Track and Manage your Meetings room at your fingertips.

  • Shows room availability at a glance and let users make bookings quickly and easily.
  • Lets you easily see rooms at multiple locations, ideal for booking video conferences, and allows making complex multi-endpoint bookings in a few simple steps.
  • Room booking supports both managed bookings, where users submit a request, and self-serve booking, where users can make their own booking.
Document Management
EasyMeetings - Meeting room Booking

Resource / Equipment Booking

Now you can effectively manage your resources and equipment that are used during the meetings. With EasyMeetings, you can get better visibility on resources required for day to day meetings

  • Setup various resources or equipments and assign it to various meetings rooms or locations.
  • Ability to see resource availability by meeting rooms
  • Configure business process for Resource booking so that you can eliminate duplicate bookings of equipments

Service and Hospitality Booking

Now you can cover all the hospitality needs of a meeting. EasyMeetings booking interface makes it easy to order food and drinks or related items that may be needed for meetings.

  • Allows users to directly book the services instead of doing it manually
  • Different items can be booked over the day as they are required and available, providing maximum use of resources and time.
  • Clearly view the status of catering and service orders along with the other information.
EasyMeetings - Service and Catering Booking for Meetings
EasyMeeting - Comprehensive Meeting Room Booking System

Powerful and Comprehensive

Understanding how a rooms and spaces are used and whether they are used effectively is a key to saving money by maximising spaces. With EasyMeetings, the whole booking process can be carried out online, thus freeing the resources of back-office staff that would normally manually process bookings. Said resources can then re-focus on other key areas of service.

  • Control and centralise booking processes and procedures
  • Configurable workflows to eliminate booking conflicts
  • Automatic Notification and Reminders to reduce delays or No-shows
  • Ability to create repeat booking with ease.
  • Integration with Outlook Calendar so that your local calendar is always in sync with EasyMeetings and allows you to view Calendar in offline mode.
  • No one enjoys that uncomfortable feeling of showing up at the wrong room for a meeting and interrupt a meeting already in progress. That's why we make it easy with EasyMeetings by integrating the meeting details with touch-screen LCD panels located throughout your office.
  • A full library of reports to closely monitor room utilization, resource usage, user activity and much more

Product Highlights

Schedule from anywhere
You can use your calendars in Google, Office 365, and Exchange, Mobile App or Web App to Book Meeting Rooms. Events will sync to everywhere you need them, including room displays.

Comprehensive Administration
Provision to set wait listing rules and also has Comprehensive User Management.
Automatic room booking
Calendars update reservations when people enter and exit meeting rooms, giving back extra time at the end.

Permission Based Access
Define workflows for meeting rooms based on duration or type of the event or meeting room.
Search your meeting room
Find the right space with in-depth search results. Browse matches based on availability, capacity, and amenities.

Integrate with SMS, Outlook, Emirate Cards.
Provides Visibility of meeting rooms which are commonly used for by analyzing by person, resource,location,type. etc. Give users visibility into all the meeting events happening on any given day with the daily event schedule report. 360 degree view of meeting room utilization and calculate the cost of unoccupied space. It compares how many hours a meeting room was in use versus how many hours it was available for reservation.

Easy access to your meetings with EasyMeetings



Find and book available rooms, as well as book any necessary resources, all within Microsoft® Outlook.



Make new event requests, or make changes to existing events, by using EasyMeeting on the web.



Provide access to existing event information and make new requests using EasyMeeting on a mobile device.



Let visitors know they’re in the right place by displaying it on wall-mounted room signs with at-a-glance room availability and real-time event information.