Secondary sales on the fly

Secondary sales system simplifies and streamlines the sales processes and increases sales visibility till your product is finally bought by the end customer. A robust Secondary Sales CRM offers seamless visibility across channels and enables you to track sales force activity and gauze their individual performance, thus empowering you to take informed decisions on time, every time.

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What is SALESEYE ?

SALESEYE is a unique solution for comprehensive sales tracking, sales analysis, and sales management application.SALESEYE is a Secondary Sales system well-designed to track the secondary & tertiary sales transactions and inventory movements across the sales and distribution network of Pharmaceutical companies. It is a very powerful tool for calculating inventory control, invoicing, measuring demand vs. supply and updating DSR (Sec Sales Report) of all sales representatives.

Why Secondary & tertiary sales CRM & Analytics?

  • In-depth market understanding and consumer behaviour.
  • Formulating and evaluating distribution strategies.
  • Better logistics and warehouse management.
  • LIMITED ability to track sales beyond primary level.
  • Little visibility over sales channel activities.
  • No control over Sales Return and Expiry & Actions.
  • No protocol to track & measure Sales report.
  • DELAY in sales data collection & delayed actions.
Secondary sales management

Why use SALESEYE ?

  • Procurement of sales and distribution data
    • Secondary and Tertiary sales data.
    • Tracks individual products per brand and per SKU.
  • Track Secondary Sales
    • Keeps secondary sales data congruent with primary sales.
    • Facilitates better production planning of medicines and drugs with smaller shelf life.
  • Profitability Analysis and Reporting
    • Reporting on which product isn’t selling well, while which is in demand.
    • Helps to avoid over stocking at retailers’ and chemists.
secondary sales

Key Features

Web Based Portal

  • Keep a close watch on area wise/distributor wise/product wise Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sales in the market.
  • The multi-tier distribution networks include national distributor’s sub-distributors, dealers, stockists and retailers.
  • View Secondary Sales or Stockist Transactions on the Go.
  • Manage Stockist product details, Import opening, closing and process Receipts.


  • Get an eagle's eye view on the daily sales data, Weekly Reports, Primary Vs Secondary Report, Graphical views for representing large amounts of data in user-friendly formats.
  • Primary v/s Secondary sales details on Zone, Depot, Region, Territory, Stockist, Brand or SKU wise.
  • More than dozen Reports to provide Secondary Sales based on different parameters such as Geography, Division, Stockist,etc.

Comprehensive User Management and Audit Trail

  • User level access and privileges based on depot, territory, Region, zone, etc.
  • Detailed Audit trail to provide 360 degree view of all the events occurred in the portal.
  • User Access Logs Report to provide user level portal utilization.

Real-time Secondary sales data from the field

  • Option to import the closing data using the files received from the stockist.
  • Record on the portal during the stockist visit.
  • Automated Notification on Sales Return and Expiry.

Primary Sales Management

  • Automatic upload of invoice/Receipts details from the existing SAP/ERP systems.
  • Facilitates online stock adjustment, thereby decreasing manual work and increasing the precision of sales forecasting.

Benefits of SALESEYE includes

Sales Tracking Capability at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level.

Measure on REAL-TIME Accurate Sales Data.

360 degree VIEW on products movement across the channel.

Effective Measurement of Primary VS Secondary.

REDUCED overall sales realization & processing time (Order to cash cycle).

Real time visibility of sales data across all channels.

Cuts down the time spent on Manual Reporting by Sales Team so that core sales activities are enhanced.

Allows your sales team to focus on other distribution channels.

Control over the Sales Return and Expiry.