An intuitive and smart way to reserve desks. Enable users to book desks, modify and extend reservations via web or mobile.
Hot Desk booking and management system

EasyDesk is a desk booking system that allows you to plan a safer hybrid office environment for your team with proper desk management for physical distancing.

EasyDesk is a digital record-keeping system that houses all the variables of your hot desking arrangement in your office. It’s all at your fingertips—Assign desks for specific periods of time, know who’s sitting where, have the means to contact them, see how many spaces you have left, make sure that a physical distance is always maintained and more.

Take meeting notes
Easy to setup and flexible to manage your seating plans
With EasyDesk want some desks to be set up as 100% flexible workspaces that can be booked by all employees at all times of the day, while other desks are reserved for a particular department. EasyDesk gives you the freedom to set up your desks according to your requirements.

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