Intelligent, secure and easy to use Web based document management. Empower your organization with the information you need anytime, anywhere.
Document Management System

Regain control over your critical business documents

EasyDocuments is an intelligent, secure and easy to use software that helps organizations with high volumes paper-based information to capture the documents in electronic format and ensures accurate and timely delivery of data. Above all, it helps your organization to safely store the documents in one single location and regain control over managing and organizing it.

document management system
Centralized document library
EasyDocuments is designed to be simple and easy to use, thereby reducing the amount of time to get adapt to the software. Our Simple user interface makes it easy for you to organize your documents.

document retrieval
Quick search and document retrieval
With various search and retrieval options such as document title and creator, etc; document tag and full-text indexing, a methodology that ensures all relevant pages are returned, according to a user's needs. Electronic document searching is a significant advantage over shared-file servers, personal drives, and filing cabinets, where information is often difficult to find.

Document Control
Secured with in-built workflow
Since security of your documents is of utmost importance, we have designed Easydocument to Control the level of document access each of your users has to add, search, edit, print and view documents. Automate your business processes to efficiently manage operations and eliminate manual effort.
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