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EasyMeetings Meeting Room Booking and Management Software
Meeting Room Booking and Management

Eliminate paperwork, lost bookings or conflict bookings. With EasyMeetings all your meeting room bookings, minutes of meeting, resources and visitors are handled in one application, making it easier for everyone.

EasyVisitorPass - Visitor Management System
Visitor Management System

EasyVisitorPass is a web-based visitor management system that streamlines meeting attendees, visitor passes and sends automatic host notifications when a visitor arrives creating a faster visitor check-in across multiple locations

Hot Desk booking software
Desk Booking and Management System

In todays dynamic and ever changing work environment, it's a pain to visualize the availability and manually manage bookings for your desks. With EasyDesks, your staff members and guest can easily view the availability and book the desk accordingly

Minutes of meeting and collaboration software
Minutes of meeting and collaboration software

WorkMeeting is a minutes of meeting and collaboration software that allows users to schedule meeting, set agendas, share meeting notes and manage to-dos all in one centralized location using mobile, web or MS outlook

Secondary Sales and distribution management
Distribution and Secondary Sales Management

SalesEye is a Distribution and Secondary Sales system well-designed to track the secondary & tertiary sales transactions and inventory movements across the sales and distribution network.

EasySignage Digital Signage Solution
Workplace Digital Signage Solution

EasySignage is a web based enterprise level queue management and digital signage solution that allows organization to manage and streamline attending customers or run digital advertising in order to improve visitor waiting periods and staff productivity.

document management system
Document Management System

EasyDocuments is an intelligent, secure and easy to use software that helps organizations with high volumes paper-based information to capture the documents in electronic format and ensures accurate and timely delivery of data.

customer relationship management
BizView CRM
Business Management System

BizView CRM provides a distinctive advantage by delivering a comprehensive, easy-to-use and intuitive system to successfully manage relationship and interaction with your customers. Center your organization to customers to ensure your sales, marketing and services are being used effectively

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