Web based enterprise level token and digital signage solution. An ideal tool to communicate with staff and clients.
Token Management System

Make a great impression and engage your staff and customer to drive awareness

Easytoken gives you the tools you need to help drive awareness, engagement, and productivity across your entire organization. Easytoken makes it easier to communicate within your organization and your customers fast and easy. Easytoken is template driven, easy to edit, responsive to all display sizes and shapes - all of which make them perfect for publishing information in the modern workplace.

custom visitor management
Web based service agent functions and reporting.
A Web based application readily works on agent’s PC without or minimal configuration. It also provides staff with real-time views of customer waiting numbers and type of services required. Reporting tool displays precise information about every single screen impression, including when exactly an item was played, how many customers were serviced and how often it was shown in a specific period of time
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